Charity Cycle: Malin Head to Mizen Head - The Tips!

The 'big cycle' is less than 10 days away. We put together some Foley family cycling tips in the video.

You got your classics; shout out, look out, listen, keep an eye over the shoulder, stay in your lane. 

Some basics; remember to eat and drink (a general life tip right there). Then there's always the ole layering, on/off, shake it all about. Some secret hacks such as the zig-zag and the diagonal. 

Let's not forget how to tackle life's uphills (it's all about changing gear). Remember to accept help, or at least pretend to. Always read the road, be sure to let fly at least once, and encouragement will be your fuel.

Needless to say - don't wear headphones when you cycle (would you wear them while you were driving??)

A word from Róisín - never be afraid to hop on your bike and cycle. The tips in this may help but all you really need is to believe in yourself and then you can achieve anything in the world. See ya

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