Charity Cycle: Malin Head to Mizen Head - The Hype!

MalMiz Charity Cycle: The pre show hype

We are cycling the length of Ireland as a family for the Irish Heart Foundation (link to charity page below and at the top of my blog - please DONATE).

The twist - I am 44 years old living with heart failure, my daughter Róisín is 7 years old, and my husband Dom is a machine (he's a real person, I'm not married to C-3PO - nice guy but too many echos of the tinman for my liking).

Róisín is hijacking my blog for the 10 day cycle and will be giving regular updates on our progress. Please subscribe to the blog if you want to find out how we get on - I'm pretty sure there will be blood, sweat, tears, complaining, expletives, laughter, singing, rain, wind, the other kind of wind (I bet C-3PO wouldn't do that, just sayin), and some roadside Kardashian style confessionals.

Why are we doing this?
Per the WHO - heart disease is the biggest killer in the world, by supporting the Irish Heart Foundation we are fighting back. I for one amn't taking this lying down, I much prefer to be on my bike!

I appreciate people have commitments to various charities and you are all under fierce shockin' stress altogether, but if you are looking to throw some sponsorship our way we would be extremely grateful.

I feel like the world and its granny know my story at this stage but for those who don't - I had Hodgkins lymphoma in my 20s twice, I had mouth cancer in my 30s twice, in my late 30s I had a pre cancerous tumour removed from my pancreas, in my early 40s I went into sudden and severe heart failure. But, thanks to support from family, friends, and the Irish Heart Foundation, I'm doing ok.

If you care to read more about "me troubles"
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Start me up!

People seem to love details, so here ya go...
  • We set off on the 17th Aug from Malin Head in the majestic county of Donegal and finish on the 27th Aug in Mizen Head in the rebel county of Cork!
  • We are not doing the coastal wild atlantic way instead we are cutting right down through the country. Let's burst Ireland open and find out what she's made of
  • Dom will cycle every day, given Róisín's young age and my dodgy heart we will join him for the cycle every second day (it's a complex logistical campaign that involves Dom moving the car around the country like a monopoly piece then doubling back on his bike)
  • We are all experienced long distance cyclists (yes, even the 7 year old)
  • We have car support if it gets too much for Róisín at any stage, she is under no duress or compulsion to persevere, it's just a bit of fun
  • My heart functions at about 30% but due to years of keeping active with a sub optimal heart my functionality extends beyond the norm for my % (this is not my first rodeo)
  • Dom is an avid cyclist, he is our sure-thing (if he fails, I have C-3PO on speed dial)

Godspeed, may the wind be always at our backs. A fellow heart warrior Pauline inspired me recently to read some wise words from Helen Keller, check this out...

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart."

If you care to share this, we honestly sincerely appreciate your kindness. Thank you!