Charity Cycle: Malin Head to Mizen Head - The Prep!


Well, the 'prep' was highly unprepared. 

I got a touch of the flu in July (not Covid) which I fully recovered from yet I couldn't seem to get around to getting in much cycling, let alone a lick of other exercise. Roisin, thank God, has permanently got the energy of a thousand elephants. I noticed the other day she physically can't walk down the street without either-

(a) breaking into a flat out sprint

(b) freerunning up the side of buildings

(c) coming to sudden dead stops to pick up flowers/stones/any ole bit of detritus

Dom, aka 'Hurricane Foley', has been keeping up his daily runs, I believe we're at day 702 (I'm not even kidding). 

We're leaving today to drive 'up North' yet we have nothing packed. I have downloaded music, movies, podcasts and picked my books, soooo I kinda feel like I've pulled my weight. Of course, I will be master packer, and it will involve playing music loudly while I do it quickly. 

Dom was in charge of the transport, and the debacle that ensued. He headed off yesterday morning to sort out a tow bar to fix our bike carrier to our family car. He comes flying in the door to tell me, 

"There's a problem, our car isn't a 'tow car'."

He didn't seem to care that I was in the middle of downloading podcasts (rude). I responded that surely there was no such thing as a 'tow car' you just afix the tow bar, you don't ask the car if that's ok, you just do it. He explained that everyone took a look, the guy said it's not possible, our modern hybrid too-cool-for-school car is just not compatible. My brain fog descended as he went on to explain that he thought about strapping the bikes to the back, but our car has a hyper extended hatchback, so it's not a runner. My only thought was 'Dude, we leave tomorrow, I'm going to hyper-extend YOU!'. 

Long story short we hired a car, which I am mortified by. If I had driven a monster truck down my street while singing the national anthem out the sunroof, I would have been less embarrassed. In fact, a monster truck would have been cooler, this 'car' or to call it by it's real name, this 'van' would be fine if we were workers on our way to repair a gas leak. Anyway, I don't want to talk about it anymore, better to be in it that looking at it. Also, the plan is to change to a real deal campervan half way through the two weeks, so it will be fine. 

A word from Róisín - This will be the biggest achievement of my life and I hope it goes well. We have so many people sponsoring us, thank you to all the people now watching the blog. I hope the Heart Foundation gets the money and uses it usefully. [final word from Mom - the Heart Foundation will DEFINITELY be getting the money!]