About Me


A writer's garret / attic / #Covidmademedoit

Sheilagh Foley holds a mirror up to her city’s vibrant humour and humanity, and makes us laugh and cry in equal measure. Standing on the shoulders of a long line of Dublin wits, she battles multiple serious illnesses, and manages to find the levity in the lousy lows.
Letters from Beyond the Pale started life as a Travel blog. Driven by natural curiosity, Sheilagh travelled all over the world, and extensively in the US. She lived and worked abroad for many years and went off the beaten track to meet the most important people of any story, the locals. She looked under rocks for the wonderful world you won’t find in guide books (Car Henge, anyone?). 

After many years of travelling and writing, battling cancers, heart failure and infertility, beating the odds, creating the laughter, seeing the world through the people she’d meet on the way, observing the unobservant, finding humour in the humdrum, while keeping up a long career in Finance, and balancing Motherhood - she came home and found the most interesting stories had been waiting just beyond her doorstep. 

Sheilagh is the luckiest unlucky person you will ever meet. Her story is remarkable and her journeys are unforgettable.

Sheilagh has won the first Dublin Review of Books Flash Fiction Competition. She has written for the Irish Times.

Contact: Lettersfrombeyondthepale@gmail.com