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Hospital Life Reboot - My Personal Bourne Identity

I had the decency to wait about 6 months before I was admitted to hospital again. I had managed 100 days of running every day. I thought I was mentally and physically as good as I get. My body had other ideas. 

Heart meds - dangerously low blood pressure - loss of cerebral perfusion - temporary vision loss - eye stroke - collapsing - hospital - trolley - Bob’s your uncle!

I picked a busy night for A&E, they were lining us up like slippery sardines. Thank God, back then, Covid wasn’t even a twinkle in it’s prolific father’s eye.

I was transfixed by the woman in the trolley across from me, she seemed to have lots of room around her and was treating the whole affair like a slumber party. She was in her early 30s, surrounded comfortably by a cloud of cushions as she leaned forward to apply her makeup. I had no pillow, I thought about using my coat as a pillow but I was busy using it as a blanket because I didn’t have one of those either. I was dying to ask a passing nurse f…

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