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Hospital Life (Part 3) - My Personal Breakfast Club


In St James’s hospital in Dublin’s fair city, in amongst all the labs, the hi-tech equipment, the fancy drugs and the outstanding healthcare workers, lies the best medicine of all… the chit-chats.

A country fella in my Cardiac ward was on the phone to his mate. At the same time a Northside Dubliner auld dear was on the phone to her sister. The cross conversation had me suppressing so many giggles I thought my arteries would burst and set off my heart alarm.

Country fella: Well g'wan, were you playing cards last night?

Auld dear: Sure I haven't got out of bed

Country fella: Did you make much money?

Auld dear: Absolutely! Don't ya know! OKie DOKie

Country fella: You can relax now, Cheerio!

I had to leave the ward before I cracked up, leaving a dribble of chuckles in my wake.

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