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Yes, there is a tinman over my shoulder, whatyagonnado! #getvaxxed I was out for a spin on my bike, it was a bit nippy so I threw on an old gansaĆ­ I found in my rucksack. I didn't pay attention to it's messaging and stopped to grab a coffee. The very nice 'youngster' serving me the coffee said with a big smile... "So, know anyone with cancer?" <crickets> I managed an "Excuse me?" thinking surely I misheard.  "Cancer, know anyone?" as she gestured to my top. Oohh, the penny fell, yes indeed, I had 'Cancer Sucks' emblazoned across my torso twice.  "Eh, me, I had cancer." I stuttered back. "NO.WAY!" came a cry from her barista pal who joined us. "What type?" "Oh, em," I was getting flustered, were any of my cancers 'cool'? "There was about 3 different ones. In the past, in remission." Like teenage clones another belly topped pony tail appeared.  "Like OH, like MY, lik

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