Yes, there is a tinman over my shoulder, whatyagonnado! #getvaxxed

I was out for a spin on my bike, it was a bit nippy so I threw on an old gansaĆ­ I found in my rucksack. I didn't pay attention to it's messaging and stopped to grab a coffee. The very nice 'youngster' serving me the coffee said with a big smile...

"So, know anyone with cancer?"


I managed an "Excuse me?" thinking surely I misheard. 

"Cancer, know anyone?" as she gestured to my top. Oohh, the penny fell, yes indeed, I had 'Cancer Sucks' emblazoned across my torso twice. 

"Eh, me, I had cancer." I stuttered back.

"NO.WAY!" came a cry from her barista pal who joined us. "What type?"

"Oh, em," I was getting flustered, were any of my cancers 'cool'? "There was about 3 different ones. In the past, in remission."

Like teenage clones another belly topped pony tail appeared. 

"Like OH, like MY, like GOD! Just LOOK at you. Shut.Up!"

The 3 girls peered at me through their windscreen wiper eyelashes. 

"I just got my vaccine" announced one, "I was worried about the needle but look at you and your cancers. I'm scarlet now! Needles are nothing!"

To all the gorgeous young people out there, please continue to get vaccinated. If you won't do it for yourself, do it for the coffee drinkers, or the cyclists, or the random people you encounter whose immune system probably won't mount a sufficient response to beat Covid. 

Be a hero, sure you're already a ledgebags! 

I put this post up on Twitter (which I rarely use) and received tons of abuse! Lots of anti-vaxxers vilifying me, many variations on the always eloquent "F**k Off"! I am not a bad person, it was horrible to feel so hated in a matter of minutes. I deleted the Twitter post but I couldn't sleep because the trolls get into your psyche and (for a time) drag your heart down. But they are terrified of me and I am not terrified of them. They have not overcome anything and are ruled by fear and anger. They don't understand their actions or the consequences or the hurt they can cause because they have not truly lived. I live in a world of hope, I feel sorry for those who don't.

If you are a troll please don't respond, just ignore me, I intend to ignore you! 


  1. "Totes fab" Dear Sheilagh... Great message. That's why we need real flesh and bones, sweatshirt wearing, coffee drinking, beautiful, warrior patients like yourself to replace the mental image of patients as pale people in hospital gowns floating down hospital corridors, so that patients are recognised in society and less invisible.

    1. Thanks SO much Pauline, I was feeling so desolate this morning after putting the post on Twitter and getting tons of abuse from anti-vaxxers. Your understanding and encouragement really cheered me up

  2. Great post Sheilagh. Bugger them and I'm sorry you received such a response. You're loved from afar for being yourself. Strong, loving beautiful person. Privilege to know you and all you have achieved. The trolls. They know not what they do.

    1. Aw, means a huge amount, thanks Eamonn, you're amazing yourself mister!


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