I am a divil for not thanking people (holy disgrace!)... 

THANK YOU for following my blog 'Letters from Beyond the Pale' which believe it or not I set up nearly 10 years ago. 

I'm shaking things up and moving to a new email provider for my blog posts - Mailchimp. 

What does that mean for you? Nothing, sit back, relax, I got this! I already moved you across. 

If you happen to see a blog post from mailchimp accidentally slip into your gmail 'Promotions' folder just manually drag it into your 'Primary' folder and bingo-bango it will hit your Primary in future.

As you know, I'm nothing if not inconsistent (did I just pull off a triple negative?). My posts will drop as and when they see fit, they will flip flop forward and back in time to places I've been, diseases I've procured and lessons I've learned.  

If my blog posts leave you thinking you'll never get that time back, check out the 'About me' page on my blog where you can find the links to my newspaper articles and lose more of your valuable time. You can also find them/me on social.

I couldn't and wouldn't do this without you, thank you from the bottom of my dodgy heart. 

If you want to encourage others to subscribe (aw, you're too kind), the new 'Subscribe' button is on the top left of the screen. Just think Beyonce 🎵'To the left, to the left, everything you need in a box to the left'. I know it's a shame I don't have a regular drop schedule, but talk to my ADHD, the only thing I can guarantee is I will try my best to make you laugh.

Stay safe, to quote Hill Street Blues - 'Let's be careful out there'

Laters gators,

Sheilagh Foley 



  1. Love it. We all need to change things up some times. Can feel a bit overwhelming and stressful though, but well done on taking on the new, yet again!... as anybody reading your blogs will know, you have bravery, courage, etc in abundance always!! Full of admiration for you


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