Fragments from the Australia Diaries 2000 (part 4) - Sydney


We tried to book ourselves into classes over here in Pilates. I don’t know if you’ve heard of it, it’s kinda aerobics but better (seems like you do a fair amount of lying down, ha, supposed to be vicious good though!). Annnnyway, we were too late (shame).

There is a wine tasting course on soon so we were thinking of doing that maybe, sounds good. Also we were thinking of picking up cheap tennis rackets somewhere, there is a park near us that we think has public courts.

(Wow, lots of 'thinking' little 'doing', meh, I'm a backpacker, very little is expected of me).

We had a really cool relaxed weekend. We didn’t want to go raging because that is sooo last century, plus we wanted to conserve cash that is streaming through our hands. Katrina called so we popped out to her palce. Ohmigod, it’s incredible, it's the kind of place you would have when you're 30 and on a huge salary. She has a heated indoor pool, a Jacuzzi, a sauna and a gym in her building and the most amazing view from her balcony.

Chilling was on the agenda so we went to the movies, saw Gone in 60 Seconds, it’s brilliant. We were supposed to meet up with a girl I used to work with in Dublin, but we got to the pub too late, ah well, another day. On Sunday, it was imperative that we did more relaxing so we headed back to Katrina’s and bought tons of food and wine and Champagne and watched videos of Ab Fab (Katrina insists on Champagne when watching it).

Not to become balloon sized creatures of habit, we went to the movies again, this time to see X-Men, but with a twist, we were going to do it in style...They have this thing in Australia called Premiere Tickets and you pay like 5 or so dollars more, you are ushered into a separate entrance where you sit in a lounge and feast on the golden ticket (i.e. unlimited free popcorn and minerals, <sharp inhilation>). If you buy a bottle of Champers (which we did...of course) you get a cheese platter with it and I'm not talking Easy Singles here. You're then escorted to your seats which are all velvety and plush (I will admit it is dark, there is a chance you could be sitting on a bed of human hair -nice!).

Cheese, champagne, cinema...I was pretty much livin my dream! Also, point of note, in Sydney Tuesdays are 'Super Tuesdays' and the cinema is half price or something. Great idea.

We went to the Olympic Park today, which is massive. Everything was closed (just our luck) but the tours are expensive so we we might go to the opening ceremony of the Olympics, its like 60 dollars and people such as Kylie Minogue are playing.

Then again...It's a nice idea but maybe it will get lost in a pilates crunch, corked in an expensive bottle of wine or back stroked off the tennis court into a champagne sea of cinematic cheese, haha.

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