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Sunday, July 23, 2000

Fragments from the Australia Diaries 2000 (part 8) - Sydney Suburbs


I forgot to say, when we went to visit Sharon’s relatives last night, her cousin, who walked us there was telling us about Fruit Bats...

They live in the area (and apparently up in Bondi too). The story is, during whatever season (I'm thinking, scary-bat-season), they fly around like mad things about a foot from your face. They are supposed to be GINORMOUS, around 4 stone. "Bats on anabolic steroids", is how he described them. Sharon immediately thought of how it would be Lian’s worst nightmare. I was like, Sharon, I don’t know what you’re idea of a good dream is but they would pretty much be my worst nightmare too. I’m talking, nearly losing my mind terrified here. Ah well, let’s see how Lian reacts when she comes to Oz, she might frrrrreak out or something… hee hee…

I'm not kidding about this, they are also known as 'Megabats' and 'Flying Foxes'...I can sense the terror in your soul.

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