Fragments from the Australia Diaries 2000 (part 3) - Bondi Junction

Home in County Bondi!

Let’s see, oh, of course, the flat. Aussies call flats 'units' no idea why, one of their many quirks. We got one on the second day we went hunting. In fact it was the first place we looked at. It's in Bondi Junction, which is 10 mins from town on the train (it's cheaper than the bus ?!), 2km walk from Bondi Beach and 20 mins bus journey from Coogee, not a problem. There is a shopping mall right opposite, restaurants and cinemas nearby, also did I say Bondi Beach is only 2km away. <Pause> I gotta say that again, Bondi... friggin... Beach....<brain...BOOM>

It's actually very easy to sort out accommodation in Sydney, the landlords have copped on to the influx of backpackers looking to take short term lets. We found the ad for our places pinned on a notice board in a travel information center. Also hostels are a great place for accommodation ads. I thhhhink the Sydney Morning Herald might be good too.

It’s a great bargain of a flat and it’s in a nice building (a dentist has his practice there, the ultimate indication of cleanliness and good use of small spaces), pool on the roof, fully furnished, what more could a girl want. Well, the pool is tiny (only 4 foot deep, and to be honest, feels like 4 foot wide) with green water and by fully furnished I mean it has a couch (the flat not the pool!). But, it's all gooood.

Lian, you're coming over to join us shortly (yay, that will bring rent down to 90 dollars each, that's like 45 pounds, total steal), here's some tips:
  • Nick the pillow from the plane (essential)
  • Join the frequent flyers (BA or else, Aer Lingus, Quantas)
  • Bring warm clothes (it was a lovely day today but we do get rain! It is winter after all)
  • Bring a bed sheet, you get them in the Great Outdoors I think they are called YHA sheets, they are only a tenner, you'll use them in hostels
  • Sleeping bag (essential)
Oh, one more thing on the apartment, it’s also just down the road from an Irish bar, the Cock and Bull, where you supposedly meet everyone from home. Hope I don’t meet my Dublin neighbours, I live near a retirement home, it’ll be zimmerframes and prune juice all round.

The city itself is gooorgeous, loads of harbours that have breathtaking views. Darling Harbour is like a really flash Temple Bar by the sea. We went to some hip bar there the other night, Pontoon, and I saw someone from Home & Away (the TV show). I was convinced at first that I knew her from college, I was so close to asking her did she sit beside me in Macroeconomics...


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