Letters from the Americas 2005 (part 2)


Well I've got probably one more week in this German bank and then I'm off, gallivanting around the Americas...

Redundancy is finally a go-go. But wipe those eyes cos I'll still be broadcasting live.

If I seem less than my usual irritatingly enthusiastic persona, it's been a gruesome week. My cousin Aisling who was due to be my partner in crime for the start of my backpacking trip has frightening suffered a brain hemorrhage on Tuesday night.

Thankfully she is stable. The whole family has been devastated, she is just 26 and the epitome of joie-de-vivre. She has the kind of personality I wish I had, and she runs circles round me in a battle of wits.

I come from a stereotypical large Irish extended family with lots of aunts, uncles, cousins, and other farmyard animals (!). We're a tight bunch, esp the young female cousins, we mightn't see each other as much as we should but we've always got each others back. Bottom line, whether you be man, malaise, misfortune or mental, you don't wanna mess with one of us. Don't even get me started on my mum and her sisters, when they get together they make the G8 leaders look about as useful as a bunch of cowboys on a golf course (hhmm).

Aisling is going to beat this but do please say prayers for her.

Who knows where my next report will come from, I feel like stroll in Central Park....

Take good care folks (esp all of you in London)

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