Fragments from the Australia Diaries 2000 (part 10) - Glebe and Newtown

Sydney 2000 - Lian, Sheilagh and Dom


I recently paid a visit to our local hospital in the dead of night...
Sounds dramatic, it was fine, and I'm in perfect health now. I've had a cold/cough I can't get rid off and random chest pain, anyway one bad night the girls thought it was a good idea to get checked out. Docs think its just the flu with a pulled chest muscle, nothing more than that it seems.

On Saturday myself and Lian decided to check out a market in the Glebe neighbourhood that gets a lot of good press. On our way there we passed the Sydney Technical College, there was a BBQ and music and all sorts of pomp and ceremony, not ones to miss out on anything, esp when it might involve free food, we ventured in. It was "Open Day", we got loads of freebies and Lian, in her pursuit to get a horrible old keyring (of all things), chatted away to some career nurse for ages about her keen interest in nursing!

After we had our fill we decided to head on our way. Glebe was lovely, all cafes and students, it was as if the residents had looked up the word bohemian and decided to live and die by it. It was cheap to eat out in and the choice was good with different types of ethnic restaurants. I got the feeling if you were a vegetarian you could eat like a king in Glebe on a paupers wages.  

We had also heard that Newtown was great for shopping and also ultra-trendy, being ultra-trendy-great-shoppers of course we had to go, we headed there via Sydney University. This place is incredible; it must have been based on Oxford or the like, it has beautiful buildings. They also do not feel the need to use up every space; there are loads of open areas, nothing like the concrete jungle that was UCD. It does however have a few familiar looking buildings to UCD but at least they have the common sense to use them as car parks as opposed to UCD using them as canteens!

It was Open Day there, once again we struck our eager soon-to-be-student pose and got loads more freebies. We stumbled upon what I reckon was the equivalent of a UCD –v- TCD colours match, except it was Aussie Rules. The sun was shining so we took a load off and watched the match. Very entertaining, I think I’ll try and make and effort to go see a real match. Not that their match was imaginary but ya know what I mean.

I might have mentioned Dom, the Londoner, he lives with my brother. My brother and Dom were out with us on Saturday night. Dom is lovely, really friendly and funny and good-looking, and the accent (wow). 

On Saturday Sharon was sick with the flu and had stayed at home, Lian was cautioning me on being quiet when we got back into the flat in the early hours. I tossed her advice aside and threw open the door of the place and yelled… “WE’RE BACCCCCCCCCCCCK” then ran at full pelt to Sharon's bed, culminating in a quasi-somersault and crashing into the wall. I'm the perfect flatmate.

I spent Sunday just lazing around Bondi beach. Loads of cafes that front the beach so tons of places for a long brunch. 

On that note I think I’ll go for a jog (would-ja-gerra-way-ourra-dha)

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