Fragments from the Australia Diaries 2000 (part 17) - Olympic Flame


Thanks a million for the concern about the fall I had in the Blue Mountains. My accident sounded worse than it was, at this stage the pain is practically gone. There are still 2 other pains but Lian and Sharon just won’t leave!

The Olympic Torch is actually passing my office today...

I’m just at the harbour, if you are watching telly and see a big glass building (that’s mine...mine all mine). There are all sorts of things going on, they have these massive rings mounted on the bridge and they will be lit up by the flame. Olivia Newton John will be carrying it. There are thousands and thousands of people in town. Which makes sense of the fact the Vanessa Amorosi song Absolutely Everybody is aired every two minutes. I am meeting the girls and Katrina after work, watching the flame and then off to the flicks.

Australia are ahead in some films but behind in most. Ordinary Decent Criminal just came out here, we went to see it, erm, not good. There are some action scenes, which are mildly amusing, and I'm a Kevin Spacey fan,

We all had a good laugh at Lian saying “we went camel racing” and then saying she’d “no news”. Unfortunately, she was right, it wasn’t up to much at all.

Have to cut this short...flame on the way!

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