Fragments from the Australia Diaries 2000 (part 18) - Pubs and grub in Sydney

A bin and a bus stop - obvious kodak moment


Tuesday, to take the sting out our work day, we popped along to...
a pub called 'Kelly’s' in Newtown (a Sydney neighbourhood where the colourful and artistic call home). There happened to be a singer on that night called Beau Smith who was absolutely amaaaaaazing. When I say 'amaaaaaazing', I don't mean 'indie cool' I mean 'karaoke king', legendary.

His play list was a combination of our desert island discs from the late 60s/early 70s. He has a voice like Louis Armstrong and started with the anthemic ‘Lean on me’, ‘American Pie’, ‘Sittin on the dock of the bay’ moved on to everyone's wedding favourite ‘Suspicious Minds’ and (for the flamboyant in the audience) he finished with ‘Hello dolly’. We were in raptures and he was loving it! The pub was a proper 'pub', this was helped by the fact the barman was Irish and extremely witty in a way that only Irish people can be :o)

Wednesday, we went to Govinda’s in Darlinghurst (very central neighbourhood) for an all you can eat vegetarian buffet. After the meal you are free to go upstairs to a mini cinema where they screen recent releases and arty flicks free of charge. It’s soooo cool, you lie on a futon type bed while you watch the movie. We saw the excellent movie 'Life is Beautiful' which I had seen before and it’s just as well cos I'm so shattered recently, I slept through the entire thing!

Thursday, we went to the local Irish pub in Bondi Junction that every Irish backpacker pays homage to at some point 'the Cock and Bull'. We had every intention of steeling ourselves and partaking in karaoke (inspired by Beau Smith!!), unfortunately we picked the wrong night but we’re defo gonna do it soon. Who did we meet there only girls from school, we had a great chat. Pubs are to the Irish what phone numbers are to a phone book, keep coming back to it and soon enough you'll come across everyone you know! Everyone worth knowing anyway ;o)

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