Banter from Blighty 2005 - London

My idea - a chest of drawers. His idea - a lava  lamp he got free from work!


Me ole chinas,

A quickie cos I'm in a high state of frenzied panic sorting out the minutia of my life. After my return from my travels in the new world (post redundancy), life on the dole didn't quite offer the glitz and glamour I had hoped for so I'm making a comeback to the workforce, same girl, similar job, different city.... London baby :o)

I'll be letting an apartment in Islington (well it’s the borough of Islington, someone told me my address is more correctly called Clerkenwell) who knows!

Rumour has it I'll be the first Irish person ever to move to London.

I'll miss you all savagely, Don't be strangers :o) I will be on the Irish mobile when I'm back in Dublin for visits - there will be plenty of them as Dom is Dublin bound for the moment while he sorts out a work transfer. For resident Londoners on my dist list, once the dust settles I'll be nailing myself to your coat tails :o)

End of one chapter, beginning of another...

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