Fragments from the Australia Diaries 2000 (part 28) - NZ Abel Tasman

Team Ireland, storming it!

It was our first really really sunny day and we were going kayaking with the Kiwi Experience in the coastal nirvana that is Abel Tasman...
The kayak guide, Blair, was a favourite with everyone, he was so nice and funny and charming (ok concentrate). Needless to say myself and Sharon found ourselves in all sorts of situations that demanded Blair’s immediate personal attention. We were appalling, by far the worst people out there. Everyone else was uniformly cutting through the water with the grace and style of Olympians, while “Team Ireland” as Blair called us, dragged behind, consistently walloping each other with the paddles, always facing the wrong direction and screaming with laughter (and a hint of panic). 

We had been given this big lecture about wearing sun screen as the hole in the O zone was about 10 feet above us, this beach was skin cancer central, blah blah blah. Between the jigs and the reels and the devil and the deep blue sea, I forgot all about it and ended up paying for my cavalier attitude. Predictably enough, I got as burnt as a buzzard on a boiling hot bayou (bummer dude). Anyway, another CHAMPION day.

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  1. I thought our 22 point turn to try and get the canoe going the right way was executed with skill and style!


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