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Friday, December 1, 2000

Fragments from the Australia Diaries 2000 (part 29) - NZ South Island


I have now confirmed my suspicions that I am definitely NOT a horse rider. Firstly, you have to wear these hats that make your brain implode. Secondly, how do you change gears? Thirdly, are they related to unicorns? ;o)

I think horses are magnificent animals and definitely possess a true beauty. I feel the same way about bears. I don't want to cilmb on the back of either of them!

Of course, the horse I get, Carlos, was the loose cannon of the stables. Straight off the bat he went for this other horse trying to bite the old mare and rearing alarmingly. I was told to keep him away from other horses...?! 

Yeah, put the lula on the mad nag and send them off on their own to perfect some rodeo moves. Carlos had an attitude, he had major problems with authority and falling in line. I spent most of the trek galloping alongside everyone else’s trot, tearing into the forest at a whim. 

It was funny all the same, and once again, I was a slagging target for the guide. Sharon was great at it, all horse whispering and black beauty moments. Lian didn’t enjoy it either and we are now both vowed off horses. 

<sound of equine hearts breaking all over the world>

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