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Beyond the Pale - A 'pale' is a fencepost. The English Pale was a boundary in Ireland marking out the part of Ireland under direct English rule circa 1450 (which included Dublin and environs). Those that lived 'beyond the pale', outside of English rule, were considered out of control and uncivilised. You decide...

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Kyoto - The Ancient City

East meets West


Bullets are my new best friend - a 7 hour train journey from Tokyo to Kyoto took a mere 2 and a half hours on the bullet train. Plus the seats swivel so we were able to face eachother. Thankfully Róisín is no where near her teenhood or I imagine she would have slowly re-swiveled away from us, drowning in her Dr Dre Beats headphones and teenage melodrama.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Tokyo - Land of the Rising Sun

Elmo does Tokyo!


Japanese Terry Wogan??
Japan is bonkers… good bonkers. Tokyo is a cacophony of technology. Before you even enter their air space you realise you’ve taken a comfy front seat on the information aerial highway - Japan airlines have cameras on the nose and belly of the planes so you get a birdseye view of takeoff and landing via your seat screen. I’m not sure if seeing the airport shrink to a dot, birds stuttering and flailing in an effort to keep up, as the craft shreds through the atmosphere, is for the nervous flier, but I sent my elbow into overdrive nudging a weary Dom to check out every millisecond of it.