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Beyond the Pale - A 'pale' is a fencepost. The English Pale was a boundary in Ireland marking out the part of Ireland under direct English rule circa 1450 (which included Dublin and environs). Those that lived 'beyond the pale', outside of English rule, were considered out of control and uncivilised. You decide...

Friday, June 1, 2012

Goodbye Job, Goodbye London, Hello New Opportunities, Hello San Francisco


Today is my last day [before we move with Dom's job to San Francisco] so it's my final chance to trot out my well worn phrase... "thanks a million". This time I mean it (not that I didn't mean it the 25 times per day I used it before!).

It's hard to leave London, and it will be tough to be far away from Dublin,
but if my sources are correct I'm prrrretty sure I'll be the first Irish person to ever move to the States, they say the streets there are paved with gold (cue leprechaun jump), skiddle-dee-idle-dee, where's me lucky charms, etc.

I could gush, but I'll restrain myself, except to say that I'll miss some, ok most, alright a large proportion, ookaayy I'll admit it, I'll miss all of you.

Go raibh míle maith agaibh. Tá sibh go hiontach.
Slán agus Sláinte,
PS - My team Rocks! you guys should buy a bar or set up a band or something ;)

Remember if you come to San Francisco, you'll have to stop for tea...

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