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Beyond the Pale - A 'pale' is a fencepost. The English Pale was a boundary in Ireland marking out the part of Ireland under direct English rule circa 1450 (which included Dublin and environs). Those that lived 'beyond the pale', outside of English rule, were considered out of control and uncivilised. You decide...

Monday, May 27, 2013

Portland Oregon - Keepin' it weird

I'm on it!


Portland, Oregon is hip to the hop to the hippity hop (to quote the Sugar Hill Gang). If you’re not in your sixties with long grey hair and wearing a Grateful Dead t-shirt, or twenty two years old with tattoos on top of your piercings and a bearded face that has been exhausted by life, then you’re going to stand out in liberal Portlandia.

Coming from San Francisco automatically gives you hipster credentials so we blended in with our free living northern brethren. In fact, with about 600k residents and being easy enough to walk around, Portland reminded me of a smaller SF. Plus, they say if you don’t like the Portland weather wait ten minutes (that sounds familiar), and it is definitely just as quirky a city; every block contains a piece of public art! If you don’t feel like walking, Portland is very proud of its public transport so jump on a streetcar (it will even bring you back and forth to the airport).

Friday, May 24, 2013

Fog Lines - Brunch, Bars and Bay to Breakers

Sketchy City


San Franciscans love brunch, they will happily spend hours in a line for bacon and eggs that have been ‘fused’, ‘immersed’, and ‘drenched’ with all sorts of fish, fowl and fruit that God had never intended to appear on the same plate. Friends were visiting from New York recently (wazzup Morgan and Kat!) and they were shocked at this queuing malarky; lines of people snaking around blocks, shuffling in silence, moving one inch closer to a slice of toast (probably fused with alpaca meat, immersed in goji berries and drenched in anchovies, naturally).