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Beyond the Pale - A 'pale' is a fencepost. The English Pale was a boundary in Ireland marking out the part of Ireland under direct English rule circa 1450 (which included Dublin and environs). Those that lived 'beyond the pale', outside of English rule, were considered out of control and uncivilised. You decide...

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fog Lines - Four Seasons in Four Blocks

San Francisco Baby!

I've been talking about living in America since St Patrick was tearing around Ireland after snakes. I grew up reading American books, watching American TV, listening to American music, I culturally binged on the U S of A. It was inevitable a day would come when I called the most talked about country in the world 'home'. In fact, when I first met Dom, while we were both backpacking in Australia, I told him three things...