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Beyond the Pale - A 'pale' is a fencepost. The English Pale was a boundary in Ireland marking out the part of Ireland under direct English rule circa 1450 (which included Dublin and environs). Those that lived 'beyond the pale', outside of English rule, were considered out of control and uncivilised. You decide...

Monday, August 22, 2005

Letters from the Americas 2005 (part 5) - Peru

Macchu Pichu

Most johnny foreigners end up in Cusco as it's the place where you can start the trek to Macchu PichuIt's all open squares and windy lanes. There is an Irish pub (isn't there always!) that declares itself the highest Irish pub in the world (Cusco's elevation is 3,400m, that's like being half way up Everest).

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Letters from the Americas 2005 (part 4) - Peru

Peru - Home to Paddington Bear
Hola Damas y Cabelleros,

I knew there was a jungle in Peru, but I didn't realise it stretched from the airport to Lima city centre! 
Pandemonium and bedlam everywhere and that was just in the arrivals hall. So Pandemonium took our bags and Bedlam showed us to the cab (fnarr, fnarr).

Thursday, August 4, 2005

Letters from the Americas 2005 (part 3) - Toronto

"Leaving on a jet plane..."


Well, my flight over had all the hallmarks of being potentially insufferable when my prized spare seat was stolen by a young upstart...